Boeing 737 700/800/900 Study Guide
Maintenance Test
Display Selector
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Cabin and Utilities (CAB/UTIL) Switch

OFF – removes electrical power from galley and cabin equipment
systems including:

  • All 115V AC galley busses.
  • Cabin recirculation fan (737-700).
  • Left & right cabin recirculation fans (737-800/900).
  • Forward and aft door area heaters.
  • Drain mast heaters.
  • Lavatory water heaters.
  • Logo lights.
  • Potable water compressor.
  • 115V AC shaver outlets when installed.

ON – supplies electrical power to galley and cabin equipment
AC and DC Metering Panel
Forward Overhead Panel  700/800/900
DC Meters Selector
AC Meters Selector